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(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I logout, or see how much time I have left in my account?
There is a small "Your Session" popup window, that should open up after you log in. It contains a "Logout" button, that will officially log you out of your session. What that means, is that the next time you try to access the Internet, you will have to "Login" again, by entering your username and password. It is not necessary to "Logout" of your account, unless you have purchased a plan that is billed by the hour. Daily, weekly, and monthly plans do not require a logout.
What if I don't see this popup window?
The most likely answer is that you have a "popup blocker" turned on, or are using a browser such as "FireFox" or "Safari" that has a built in "popup blocker" and the popup window is being blocked.
What should I do, if I don't see the "Your Session" popup window?
Type "login" to see the "Login" screen again, not "http://www.login.com", just "login". The only advantage of the "Your session" popup window, is that you can end your own session, instead of having it timeout at the given interval. Also, you can see how much time is left in your session, and how much data you have transferred or recieved.
How do I turn off my "Popup Blocker"?
Unless you are purchasing time by the hour, you don't need to turn off your "Popup Blocker," but you certainly can if you would like to see the "Your session" popup window. Some popup blockers allow you to add "trusted" sites, that can send you popup windows. You should add "apc.aptio.com" as a trusted site. You will need to check with the documentation in your browser or popup blocker to see how to configure it.

For IE 6, build in PopUp blocker; Select Tools / Internet Options / Privacy Tab / Popup Blocker - Settings

Then, type "apc.aptilo.com" into the "Address of Web site to allow:" box, and click the "Add" button.

Click the "Close" button, and then the "OK" button. Logout if you are currently logged in by typing "logout" into

How do I log out if I don't see the "Your Session" popup window?
Type "login" to see the "Login" screen again. If that doesn't work, try "http://apc.wififast.com"
Turn off your "popup blocker" and then log in again. You should then see the small "Your session" popup window.
How do I get back to the "Login" screen after I login, if I've closed the "Your Session" popup window, or never saw it?
Type "login" to see the "Login" screen again, not "http://www.login.com", just "login".
If that doesn't work, try "http://apc.wififast.com"
I can check my email but I can't send email from Outlook or Outlook Express, or another POP3 email client?
The most common problem with accessing email from hotspots, is not the fault of the hotspot, but the ISP whom the mail account is with.

Most POP3 accounts such as with "bellsouth.com" and other ISP services, block "relaying" email, or sending from outside their network. That means, that if you are on someone else's network, like a WifiFast HotSpot across the other side of the country, they won't let you connect to their servers with your POP3 client (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.) because they can not tell the difference between you and a spam-er, trying to relay mail off of their servers. It is not a failure of the HotSpot, but a security feature of your own ISP, to try to reduce the amount of SPAM we all get as users. Most of the time this only effects "sending" of email, not receiving.

In some cases you may be able to reconfigure your email client to use a "password" for sending as well as receiving. It depends on the way your ISP has their email servers configured. You can contact them and find out if there is a way to change your settings so that both sending and receiving works from remote networks. In other cases, your ISP may provide a "web based" email login page where you can both send and receive email.